My Promise To You

All of my training packages are results-based & value driven. This means that I am here to help you and your fur-babies achieve your goals without a strict number of sessions. When you put in the work each week after our training session, it’s only fair that I do too!

Some dogs pick things up very quickly and other dogs like to take their time when learning new things and that’s okay with me. I want to be here for you to help you and your fur-babies get to where you want to be in the bond your share & your relationship with them. I love helping owners help their dogs achieve happiness & peace at home and outside. The main way we accomplish this is by having you learn how to become the pack leader. Being the pack leader helps: bring down your dog’s anxieties, improves their trust & your relationship, brings them peace and calmness, gives them someone to look up to, someone who they want to listen and follow.

I encourage you to check out my training methods and my training programs. I’m positive you’ll find confidence in my methods.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? I’ve worked with puppies as young as 2 months old to more mature dogs as wise as 14 years of age with huge success! While it may be harder for an older dog to pick up on changes and learn new commands, it’s not impossible. Young puppies can have their challenges too because their attention span may not be as long as you would like it. When you’ve worked hard every week to reach your goals, but your pup just needs a bit more time & a different approach, we’ll work together despite the number of sessions to help you achieve your goals.

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You only want the best for your fur-babies (and rightfully so!), so you search for training that fits those needs. You want a kind and gentle method of training. You want a trainer that teaches behavior-based training and obedience training not just one or the other. You want a dog trainer that is certified and actually knows what they are doing. You want positive reinforcement, positive methods, and a combination of tools & techniques (because, let’s face it, every dog is different). You want practicality. You want results.
I can help.

Check out my methods. Find the right training program for you. Contact us today.